You Helped Make Our Holiday

Morning John & Pam

Well here we are back in Aussie, landing yesterday after a great 5 weeks in your beautiful country. A lot of the enjoyment came from the time we spent staying with your establishment and Beth & I would like to thank you for your attendance to our needs and for your pleasant manner. We greatly appreciated same. Hoping to catch up again with you should we visit your city again in the future.

Best wishes for a Happy New Year & again thanks.

Personal regards
Ross & Beth Duncan
Castle Hill – Sydney

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One Response to You Helped Make Our Holiday

  1. Carl Wigren says:

    Reasonable prices! Gracious and knowledgeable staff. A very enjoyable stay. Would recommend it to anyone whether you are on a budget or not. My wife was impressed with the cleanliness of the bathroom. Thanks TCCM

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