Motel Accommodation Cancellation Policy

Individual Motel Accommodation Cancellation Policy

Individual reservations for motel accommodation can be cancelled at any time up to 4pm on the day prior to the date of arrival. Cancellations after that time will incur a minimum cancellation charge of one night’s accommodation.

Shortening of multiple night motel accommodation stays is also subject to these terms in that cancelleation must be made by 4pm on the preceding day.

Group Motel Accommodation Cancellation Policy

The following table shows the amount of the total cost for motel accommodation that will be forfeited for cancellation of all or part of the reservation made less than 8 weeks prior to date of arrival. The ‘% cost’ relates to the cancelled portion of the reservation

Days before arrival

% of cost forfeited

42 – 28


27 – 14


Within 14 days


By proceeding with the reservation, groups accept and agree to these motel accommodation cancellation terms.

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