How Does a Motel Benefit from a Cruise Ship?

The Dunedin Cruise season is off to a flying start with predictions that this is going to be a record year for cruise numbers visiting our city.

I was enthusing about this to another motel owner the other day and was flabbergasted to be greeted with a very negative response.

“What use are cruise ships to motelliers?”, he said. “The passengers do not come and stay with us.”

Cruise Ships Benefit Everybody

This person has been a motellier for over 15 years and (I had previously thought) knew quite a bit about the tourism industry.  However, this comment suggests that he has some serious gaps both in his knowledge and in his and vision.

It is conservatively estimated that the 2010/2011 season will inject about $40 million into the Dunedin economy. All Dunedin residents and businesses will benefit from this.

If Dunedin gives all of these cruise passengers a warm welcome and a good time, then there will be 125,000 enthusiastic ambassadors going home to places all around the world telling their friends and neighbours, not just how great New Zealand is, but also about OUR fantastic city.

They will be telling them that it is real “must see” for anyone visiting New Zealand and not (as was previously the case) just a place to pass through en route to somewhere “interesting” or “exciting”!

Dunedin is a Destination

Dunedin is now being marketed, seen and appreciated by our visitors for the superb destination that it is.

So let’s make sure that we convert ALL of our visitors into ambassadors. The city, with its heritage, architecture, wildlife and other attractions plays its part – let us make sure that we all play ours.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. Every Dunedin citizen is an ambassador for our city. If I’m in town I now make it a point to approach any visitors who look lost and offer help or advice. It only takes seconds but makes a huge difference to their impression of the city.

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