Fair Trade & Eco Friendly

Fair Trade

At Tourist Court Cottages Motel all of the beverages that we supply free of charge to our guests are all Fair Trade in origin.

Committed to the Environment

We are committed to preserving New Zealand’s beautiful environment epitomised by the 100% Pure New Zealand Brand.
Since we came here eleven years ago we have been continuously improving efficiency and reducing waste in order to make our business ever more sustainable.
Below are listed some of the major things we have done that have made us industry leaders in sustainable tourism in Dunedin.

Elimination of Chemicals

From day one we set out to reduce, and eliminate where possible, all chemicals from our housekeeping regime.
Nearly all of our cleaning is done using micro fibre clothes, water and steam cleaners.
We use chemical free steam cleaners to clean and sanitise floors, toilets, carpets and furnishings.
We use micro fibre pads and water to remove stains and marks from walls and paintwork and grease from cookers/stoves.
When we do need to use chemicals we ensure that they are biodegradible.


We sort and recycle all waste. Every cottage has a waste bin a a recycle bin so that our guests can aid us in our recycling efforts.

Lagging Hot Water Pipes

None of the hot water pipes were lagged, causing a huge heat loss and wasted energy consumption. We lagged all hot water pipes, including the vents from the hot water cylinders – an often overlooked heat sump.

Eliminating Soap Bars

When we first took over the motel we wer disposing of more than 300 partially used soap bars each month. We placed liquid soap dispensers in each unit and now dispose of about 2 bars per year – we still offer soap bars to guests who specifically request them.
Eco Friendly Motel Dunedin New Zealand

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